Developing practical nursing skills

NO PGLN : WY 100 DEV 2005
NO ID : 003699H

ISBN : 9780340813140

The world of the cell

5th edition

NO PGLN : QH 581.2 BEC 2003
NO ID : 003698H
ISBN : 9780805348521

Essentials of Medical Physiology

Provides easy understanding and up-to-date knowledge in the field of Physiology. Incorporates basic principles of Physiology followed by the correlation of basic concepts with applied aspects of clinical physiology Helps in the integration of preclinical and clinical subjects as per the latest medical curriculum The text has been thoroughly upgraded and new flowcharts and descriptive diagrams have been added for quick comprehens.

NO PGLN : QT 104 SEM 2006
NO ID : 003697H
ISBN : 9788180618260

Clinical anatomy for students problem solving approach...

A unique blend of gross, developmental, radiological and clinical anatomy. Anatomical relations as a basis of symptoms and signs in various body parts¬–head, neck and brain, thorax abdomen and pelvis, upper and lower limbs- have been dealt with very well which makes the book a valuable companion to the clinicians as well as to imaging departments, gives a crisp and lucid account of correlative neuroanatomy. Profusely illustrated with artist drawn and computer process color figures. A comprehension textbook fulfilling the MCI objectives on graduate education with a thrust on problem solving.

NO PGLN : QS 4 KUL 2007
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NO ISBN : 9788180617348

Outline of Orthopaedics

Now in its thirteenth edition, OUTLINE OF ORTHOPAEDICS is still the most successful, well-established, reputable short textbook of orthopaedics in the English language. Because it is organized in a fashion that separates more advanced material and enables the reader to omit it if preferred, this classic text appeals not only to medical students but also to postgraduate trainees, orthopaedic nurses, and physiotherapists. It offers the reader succinct, practical guidance in clinical examination of the limbs and the spine, which is not only essential for exam preparation but also vital for successful practical diagnosis.

NO PGLN : WE 168 ADA 2001
NO ID : 003695HISBN : 9780443070242

The digestive system

An integrated textbook on the digestive system, covering both the basic science and major diseases of the system. Intended for medical students taking system-based, integrated courses.

NO PGLN : WI 141 SMI 2001H
NO ID : 003694HISBN : 9780443062452

Clinical orthopaedic examination

"A step-by-step, extensively illustrated guide to examining the orthopaedic patient...features an expanded radiographic section."

NO PGLN : WE 17MCR 1990 H
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ISBN : 9780443040382

Knight's forensic pathology

The third edition of this definitive international postgraduate textbook for forensic pathologists covers all aspects of the medico-legal autopsy, including the cause and time of death, interpretation of wounds, and every other facet of the investigation of a fatality. The emphasis is on the practical application of knowledge and research findings, and on the value of observation over received wisdom. Bernard Knight's continuing role as overall editor ensures that the book's often praised readability has been maintained. Features: * Fully revised and updated to include recent findings, especially those in relation to sudden death *Histopathology now included throughout * Integrated color photos throughout * Wider range of references, with clear separation of further reading from specific reference.

NO PGLN : W 825 SAU 2004
NO ID : 003689
ISBN : 9780340760444


This second edition of a book originally published in 1989 is a summary of current knowledge of retinal physiology and pathology. The author has attempted to distill the current knowledge of medical/surgical practice and basic science retina research into a three-volume reference book. Although the author acknowledges that no textbook can be entirely complete and current, he has done a marvelous job. The book is written for ophthalmologists and retina specialists, although aspects are suitable for residents, basic science researchers, and others. More than 180 authors, many of whom are internationally renowned, have contributed. The book is well organized. Volume I covers inherited retinal diseases, ocular tumors, and aspects of basic science research. Volume II addresses medical retina. Volume III deals with retinal detachments and other diseases that generally require surgical intervention. Chapters are stylistically similar to those in the first edition, and the volumes will seem familiar to readers who have used the first edition. Most chapters in this second edition have significant, although not major, additions and revisions that are generally excellent. Chapters unique to the second edition deal with indocyanine angiography, submacular surgery, and pediatric surgery, to name a few. This reference textbook is essential to any practicing ophthalmologist or resident who has more than a passing interest in diseases and treatment of the retina. It is comprehensive and very well written, dealing with nearly all aspects of retinal disease. Ophthalmologists who have the first edition probably will not be compelled to obtain the second, but all others will want to have a copy of thisedition

NO PGLN : WW 270 RET 2001
NO ID : 003689 / 003690 / 003691
ISBN : 9780323008044


It's not encyclopedic, but it is quite comprehensive, with an emphasis on current information relevant to clinical practice. Color-coding helps with navigation of sections on genetics and ocular embryology, optics and refraction, refractive surgery, the lens, cornea and external disease, strabismus, orbit and oculoplastics, retina and vitreous, intraocular tumors, uveitis and other inflammations, neuro-ophthalmology, and glaucoma. New coverage includes chapters on LASIK, LASEK, and LTK, as well as coverage of electronic vision and wavefront testing, tumors of the conjunctiva and cornea, nonpenetrating glaucoma surgery, and aberrations of the eye. Illustrated in color throughout. Editor Yanoff is affiliated with Drexel University College of Medicine; Duker, with Tufts-New England Medical Center.

NO PGLN : WW 100 OPH 2004
NO ID : 003688
ISBN : 9780323016346